10 Most Epic Movie Santa Sleighs In Real Life Will

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

10. Santa’s Slay: Santa’s Wooden Sleigh O’ Death

Hey, if you have not yet caught this killer 2005 Christmas flick you need to stream it to your eyeballs right friggin’ now!

This sick and twisted winter tale is about a Kris Kringle who does much more than just not give presents to those on his infamous Naughty List; this movie Santa Claus actually hunts down and kills his naughty. And, he does all of this from the seat of his old-school, hand-carved wooden sleigh that reminds the movie goers of a Viking warship and is pulled by just one Hell Deer.   

If you are ready for a dark take on Santa, look this film up!

9. Thunder Bay Resort: Hillman, Michigan Sleigh Ride

If you have never been to Michigan yet, your mind will probably be blown to learn just how beautiful of a state it is. Sure, it is mighty cold in the winter, but it is also gorgeous while being one of the greatest places on the planet to take a real-life sleigh ride.

That is right, the Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman, Michigan is more than a fine resort in the woods that provides log cabins to stay in, chef-prepared meals that are cooked upon old-school wood-fired stoves and come with a variety of locally sourced quality wines and deserts such as fruit crepes and white chocolate mousse-filled pizzelles all in a setting placed around a huge split-stone fireplace.

This Michigan resort also offers dinner sleigh ride packages that will have you dashing through the snow and viewing some of the most stunning scenery found anywhere on this planet while also spotting some very impressive wildlife such as the mighty elk!    

8. Elf Rocket Propelled Santa Sleigh

Isn’t this 2003 film one of everyone’s top Christmas movies? I know me and my family sure love it and though the rocket-powered Santa Sleigh in this very funny movie does not play a starring role, getting this 500-reindeer powered jet turbine-engine Kringle 3000 up and working again is the task that ends this Will Farrel vehicle on a joyous note!

Great story, great laughs, great sleigh!