17 Idiots Jumping With Cars Hilarious Video Compilation

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Jumping with a car is the ultimate teen dream. Every car movie has some kind of a ...

Jumping with a car is the ultimate teen dream. Every car movie has some kind of a jump in it and it is not for nothing. People dream about that from the age of 5.

Now, however, with the magic of Internet, we are able to present you 17 awesome car jumps amateurs filmed in recent years and uploaded on the Youtube. Luckily, Carthrottle made a compilation video of epic car jumps demonstrating just how crazy people can get.

Sure, do not try this at home – ever. Not that these things were performed by professionals, but by the drivers who want to have a bit of fun in their lives. Now, jumping with a car without painstaking calculations made before the jump will lead to an inevitable fail.

Cars aren’t made for jumping, so every time they land, every single component suffers a great deal of stress. Just watch these cars landing in slow mo. Every single one of them sustained some kind of damage.

It is an expensive sport for sure. Nevertheless, it is fun as hell. When in the air, the only thing keeping the car flat could be the weight balance, so the BMW which has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution is the one who has the most chance of landing without actually hurting anyone inside. Others!? Not so much.

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