20 Greatest Rat Rods On The Planet Are So Insane Will Make You Love Rust!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

20. Epic Classic Racing Rat Rods Pic In Black and White

Okay, so this rat rod picture ain’t of just a single insane rat rod. However, I do do do love this image that at least looks as if it was snapped half a century ago. The attention to detail is amazing.

Check out that gearshift that is OUTSIDE the driver’s cabin, the sweet white wall tires, and chick in overalls jumping high in the air with the checked finishing flag… Hmmm…. Why is she holding the finishing flag at what must be the starting line of the rat rod race?

19. Classic Volvo Sedan Rat Rod

Hey, did you know there is at least one guy or gal on the planet that makes rat rods out of Volvos? Yeah, I was shocked to learn that too. But, take a look at the rat rod above. What do you see? Yep, a rat rod that is most Swedish than that chef on the Muppets.

I am not sure if this is the body of an old-timey sedan or some sort of two-door wagon. What do you reckon? Let me know.

18. 110% INSANE Chevy Van Rat Rod With The LARGEST Engine You Have Ever Seen!

This is Chevy van has got to be the craziest rat rod on this list. In fact, it is not on this list for its classic rat rod looks.

No sir, this Chevy van rat rod is on this list of the greatest rat rods in the history of the world for that friggin engine sitting inside its passenger and cargo compartment. It is HUGE. Giving a new definition to the phrase of “rear-engined vehicle,” this engine is so phat that I cannot understand how the van’s front wheels stay on the ground.