25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Colin Mcrae: Dirt

Colin McRae: Dirt is the sixth game in the popular gaming series that took players all over the world by storm. The popular game was released for Playstation 3 and came with several new features that helped it stand out among the previous games in the series including:  incredible graphics, audio, realistic driving physics and much more!

In addition to its many new features the game also had a variety of off-road racing categories that kept the player having fun.  There are several different races throughout the game and each one increases in difficulty as the player earns more points and advances through each race.

By winning races and earning more money the player is able to purchase a wide variety of awesome race cars and even has the option to customize them! Colin McRae: Dirt is a great interactive game that keeps the player racing and competing while also working to advance with their money and cars.

Overall, the game has become a definite fan favorite among gamers and is always a great go to game if you are looking for some fun! If you find yourself digging out your old Playstation 3 and are trying to think of a fun game to play, Colin McRae: Dirt is definitely a game you should put in and play!

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