25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Pitstop II

Pitstop II is a classic racing game released in the early 80’s by Epyx.  The game has players race in a head to head battle on a split screen that is enough to get anyone screaming and overflowing with competitive energy. Pitstop II is the first racing game to implement a split-screen simultaneous two-player game mode and it absolutely cracked the gaming world wide open!

The epic game helped bring the competitive world of racing straight to the screen and challenged players to not only beat their competitor, but also keep an eye on their tires and fuel gauge in case they need to make a pit stop! With a choice of either racing for three, six or nine laps the game offers limitless fun that challenges and entertains all who play.

 The game was very well received among all who played and really helped influence the many multiplayer games that many of us love today! The game really brought the competitive element to the world of video gaming and continues to be known as one of the true classic games not only in the racing genre, but among all platforms!

Whether you want an epic throwback, easy competitive fun or a great game to show your kids Pit Stop is certainly the go to game. The best part is that Wii consoles have made the game available to play through their console so if you ever get an itching to play turn on your wii and race to your hearts content!

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