25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Road Rash II

Road Rash II is the second game in the fun motorcycle racing game series that took Sega Genesis by storm! Road Rash II included many different features that were not included in the first game, including bikes with nitrous oxide injection and varied weapons that were featured on the bikes.

The races took place on epic tracks located all over the United States.  Two lane road races were won by placing in first, second and third in each of the five unique tracks. After all five tracks were won, the player would advance to the next level, where the track would be longer, the opponents faster, and much more money at stake for a victory or a loss.

Everyone enjoyed Road Rash I, but the sequel was loved by all who played. The gaming distributors did a magnificent job at building off of the first game and fine tuning the game play so it would be strategic, fun and competitive.

As a result, Road Rash II became one of the more popular motorcycle racing games to hit the gaming market. Whether you grew up playing Road Rash II or are simply reading up on some fun driving games, this video game offers unlimited fun and wild competition between all who play together!

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