25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter is a mega fun arcade game that was released back in the early eighties.  Inspired by the Bond franchise, the game is centered around a technologically advanced “Interceptor” car that is driven by a super cool spy. The player helps  destroy various enemy vehicles with a variety of onboard weapons throughout the game.

The game was a very interactive driving game that featured a steering wheel in the form of a futuristic aircraft-style yoke with several special-purpose buttons, a two-position stick shift (offering ‘low’ and ‘high’ gears), and a pedal used for acceleration. As a result, the player was left feeling completely in control and allowed for a unique interactive experience.

The player must avoid several different attacks and roadblocks throughout the game and it makes for a very addicting and fun arcade game!  As a result, Spy Hunter became one of the hottest arcade games to have ever hit the scene!

To this day many kids from the 80’s can remember going to the arcade and having the time of their life while playing the game. Unfortunately it is not that easy to come across these day, but we definitely recommend you check it out if you are lucky enough to come across it.

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