25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Virtua Racing

Virtua Racing is another popular racing game centered around the world of Formula One racing.  This awesome Sega arcade game was initially a proof-of-concept application for exercising a new 3D-graphics platform under development. However, it proved to be so successful they ended up using it as one of their games.

Virtua Racing had vastly improved visuals in terms of polygon count, frame rate, and overall scene complexity, and displayed multiple camera angles and 3D human non-player characters, which all contributed to a greater sense of immersion.

There are few games featured on this list that have impacted the world of gaming like Virtua Racing has.  It helped lay the foundation for future 3D games that later came and remains a stand alone classic that gamers of from all genres still love to this day!

If you were searching for a truly legendary driving game that would serve both as an epic throwback and entertaining game then Virtua Racing is the game to play! It is an undeniable good time that provides nothing but good feels!

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