25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi took the arcade world by storm when it was released in the early 2000’s!  The game play is simple and revolves around a taxi driver who picks up his customers and attempts to get them to their destination as fast as possible.  However, unlike the normal rules of the road the taxi driver is able to drive as recklessly as they need to get their customer to their destination!

Throughout the game the taxi driver is able to earn extra money by performing stunts on the road. Depending on the drivers performance they either receive a large sums of money or small sums. If the customer’s timer runs out before the player reaches the destination the customer jumps from the taxi without paying the driver.

Therefore, it is important to be fast and strategic while playing so you can keep all of your customers satisfied and earn as much cash as possible! Overall, Wild Taxi is a super fast paced game that keeps the gamer on the edge of their seat the whole time they are playing!

Critics praise the game for its addicting game play and overall concept. The game is fun and easy to play which makes it great for anyone looking for a game that will not require too much frustration or strategy! Net time you find yourself at the arcade Crazy Taxi is certainly a game your should stop and check out!

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