25 Driving Games That Trump All Others In The Gaming World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Project Gotham Racing 2

Project Gotham Racing 2 is another epic Xbox racing game that captivated gamers from the moment it was released in 2003.  The racing experience in PGR2 was definitely different than most other racing games in that advancement in the game required that the player drive fast enough to meet the challenge set.

As the gamer progresses through the game they can acquire what are called kudos, which help them unlock new cars to race with.  The new cars a built to be tougher and better on the tracks as they inevitably become more and more difficult.

Options, including Xbox live really help bring the game to life and offer an incredible gaming experience that have helped make it such an iconic racing game. Although the game is very similar to many other racing games on the market there are several different features that make this game standout as a classic in the gaming world!

The game was a huge success commercially and critically. It is one of the highest rated racing games of all time and one of Xbox’s most successful racing games to have ever hit their platform! If you are looking for an all around engaging racing game Project Gotham Racing 2 is the game to check out!

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