’64 Jaguar E-Type Has An Amazing Story Of Reliability You’ll Surely Love

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Getting on the list of most beautiful cars is not just all aesthetics for the 1964 ...

Getting on the list of most beautiful cars is not just all aesthetics for the 1964 Jaguar E-Type and let this awesome story be a demonstration of it. It’s the story of architect, Miguel Rodrigo, his beloved E-Type and their journey in the years of partnership on the road.

With Miguel’s eye for beauty, the E-Type was never near a let down. It has curves that would be wanted not just by car enthusiasts and so he never ceased on wanting to own such classic car despite the hindrances living in Peru. Economic crisis was the major problem and car importation had been shut down with Peru’s market offering left very limited. With all his efforts and after travelling all the way to US, he eventually owned one and that was the start of the motoring memories.

Beyond just the beauty is the reliability of E-Type that Miguel so admired about. Their memories together included Peru’s version of Cannonball rally and the E-Type’s performance did not discourage. For the rally, he had driven it from border to border – border in the South in Chile to the border in the North in Ecuador along the Pan-American highway – without any problems whatsoever. And driving it from border to border happened not just once but twice.

Well just a perfect ride with beauty and performance not to mention it’s rarity and popularity among car aficionados.

While Miguel is selling some cars from his small collection once every few years, he just can’t think the same way for his E-Type. The interest he has for it is so great that it cannot be surpassed just so easy by what the market has to offer.

Check out the beautiful story from this amazing video shared below. Enjoy!

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