Is This The Best Race Pass Ever Drifting On The Outside Of Turn 1

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Racing is exciting, cool, but also hard and dangerous. However, when all the right ...

Racing is exciting, cool, but also hard and dangerous. However, when all the right conditions are meet, racing can be more rewarding than anything. Please watch the start of this Rallycross race and try to grasp the awesomeness of the Kevin Eriksson outside pass on the first bend. This is Sci-Fi movie stuff done in real life.

Driving his magnificently fast Ford Fiesta ST Rallycross car, Eriksson had a chance to drift through the first bend. Luckily, some of his opponents were fighting each other so they have been a bit slower through the bend than usual.

Kevin Eriksson took the chance, kicked the tail of his Fiesta Rallycross out and epically passed everyone drifting on the outside line of the first bend.

Kevin Eriksson remained in the lead at the World Rallycross race in Germany and won, but this moment right after the start will remain one of best achievements of his career.

Rallycross cars are quite amazing machines with engines dialed up to more than 500 hp, four-wheel drive with mechanical locking differentials, lightweight construction, and special tires.

With all the gear in place, they are capable of accelerating to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Top speed is not that great, but it does not really matter as all the insane stuff happens through the bends.

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