Burnout With Classic Music Background In Slow Motion Is The Most Epic Thing Ever

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You may or may not like burnouts, but one thing is for certain, they make epic ...

You may or may not like burnouts, but one thing is for certain, they make epic content for YouTube and everything else on screen to be frank.

The Lone Star Drift YouTube channel revealed quite an awesome little video back in 2015 with the Nissan 240SX S13 making a burnout. The truth is that the video could be a little bit longer, but we like it as it is too.

This is slow motion done right, and it is so satisfying you’ll watch it twice.
The editor of the channel filmed the rear wheels smoking some tires in slow motion and then set it up all with classic music. Sure thing, this sounds awesome and feels just right.

This may be the fanciest burnout you’ll see this year and Noel from the Lone Star Drift certainly deserves a shoutout and a like. As it turns out, the Lone Star Drift YouTube Channel is all about drifting and presenting it as an art form.

They certainly have a few interesting videos, but this one with classic music background beats it all. Imagine hearing the sound of the engine in the background. Mhhh, it could be even better. Indulge yourself.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!