Carlos Sainz Nearly Takes Out Spectators In Terrifying Dakar Crash

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If you’re a spectator at the race event such as the grueling Dakar Rally, which ...

If you’re a spectator at the race event such as the grueling Dakar Rally, which has the reputation for being one of the most dangerous rallies on Earth, it is normally wise to stand far away from the action.

You never know what’s around a corner, as these spectators found out when they got closer to the action than they anticipated. These onlookers narrowly avoiding getting hit by the out of control car which rolls over spectacularly en route to falling off the cliff. It’s the scarily close call, to put it mildly.

The accident involved Lucas Cruz and Carlos Sainz. The pair were trying to make up lost time due to navigational errors. Carlos Sainz has secured 27 Dakar stage victories since 2006, and his attempt at No. 28 was cut short this year during the fourth stage not far from a finish line.

Pushing hard, Sainz lost control at the sharp turn and rolled over down the gravel track. The Peugeot then plummeted down a ravine where it barely missed the hapless spectators.

The video below captured from the spectator’s point of view shows how this story could easily have ended very differently. In hindsight, the high-speed corner next to a ravine probably isn’t the safest vantage point.

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