This Is How You Drive A Tank From A Car Journalist Perspective

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Would you like to drive a tank!? Sure you would. Ever since James Bond and other ...

Would you like to drive a tank!? Sure you would. Ever since James Bond and other movie stars showed us what would it be like to drive a tank on big screens every boy yearned to be in a tank. Now, we have first impressions of a car journalist who actually went out, found a tank and drove it. This is a Jalopnik video in which Jason Torchinsky, the host, went to Minnesota to have a go in a tank. Luckily for him, he did not get to drive one but three tanks. Also, he crushed a car and destroyed a house. This is a good day for the man.

All in all, for all of you who do not know how cool would it be to drive a real tank, Jason gives us quite a comprehensive review. Of course, forget about any amenities, this thing is raw, powerful and the Chieftain – the heaviest tank he drove weighs in at 60 tons. Don’t think for a minute it cannot go through a house, because it can and it will in this video.

As it turns out, Jason is not exactly pleased with his childhood mobile home, so he did all he could to find it and then – destroy it. It definitely is a nice sight to see this thing being destroyed by a mighty tank. Nevertheless, driving a tank is an epic experience and if you have a chance to do so, do not hesitate.

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