Drop Everything And Watch Hoons Drift Through An Ex Soviet Missile Base

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Since the fall of the Soviet Union, and many of its Cold War-era military bases ...

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, and many of its Cold War-era military bases have been completely abandoned. Former Soviet republics have no use for them, and they sit empty, slowly falling further into disrepair. They are also the perfect places to shoot awesome drift videos.

Ryan Tuerck, Kristaps Bluss and Matt Powers recently traveled to one of these abandoned bases in Latvia to have the little fun. With them, they brought a trio of badass drift vehicles.

Tuerck drove an 800-hp E92 M3, Powers drove a 950-hp, V8-swapped E46 M3, and Bluss rounded things out with the V8-swapped, twin-turbo 350Z making the undisclosed amount of power.

But since the missile base they visited hasn’t been used in years, the roads are the far cry from the well-maintained tracks you would see in a typical drifting event. If you didn’t know any better, you might even think this is supposed to be the rally video.

We’re not complaining, though. Why shouldn’t you mix drifting with the little bit of rallying? Especially when the end result looks this good. Drop everything and watch hoons drift through an abandoned Soviet Missile base!

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