Fantastic Imports Vs Tuner Drag Race

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Import vs muscle! Here’s another one. Having a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and a ...

Import vs muscle! Here’s another one. Having a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and a Toyota MR2 Turbo on the same drag strip is a pure gold. As expected, these aren’t exactly stock cars, but actually, machines capable of making quite impressive passes. True, the owners did not invest heavily modifying the cars but bear in mind that these two are fast.

This is a decade old Grand Cherokee SRT with the 6.1-liter engine. In the other lane sits a Toyota MR2 with a turbocharged two-liter machine. No, it is not the fastest Toyota of course, but considering how loud it is, we do not doubt it can pull some serious time at the drag strip.

1,320 feet fight did show that two are fairly close, but aren’t exactly in the same ballpark regarding exit speed. We will leave you to witness the greatness.

What we’ll tell you is that the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has an amazing tune up potential which, with right money could turn it into a sub-10 second machine.

After all, it has an engine three times the size of the engine in the Toyota MR2. Imagine strapping a supercharger to that monster.

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