Funny Motorcycle Crash Ends Up Well

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Grip is the very delicate matter when it comes to riding the motorcycle and ...

Grip is the very delicate matter when it comes to riding the motorcycle and thinking your rubber touches the asphalt in two spots a size of 1800s dollar coins should be enough to make you take things easier when it is wet outside.

Not for this dude, though. Some studies show many motorcycle accidents occur near the riders’ home. Obviously, when you are in range of your house, there’s a click in your brain that makes you feel safer. Well, this means you are more tempted to let your guard down, ride more erratically or absent-minded.

Which can lead to stuff like this in this video. The only thing this Kawasaki Versys rider had to do in order to call it the day was to park his bike safely at the destination. The problem was he came in too hot in the parking spot and he had to turn in more aggressively not to run wide.

All this was happening on the rainy day on wet bricks, a recipe that most of the time results in the textbook low side crash, which, as expected, happens in this case too.

Especially since the rider hit the patch of wet dirt on his approach. This crash didn’t look too brutal, but, as this rider commented, he felt like his left arm broke as he landed on it.

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