Heart-Stopping Moment Truck Slams Into A Suzuki Driven By 76-Year-Old

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Driving your car in the path of the speeding semi is, well, you know, one of the ...

Driving your car in the path of the speeding semi is, well, you know, one of the daftest and dangerous things you can do on the road.

In Australia, you have also got these things called Road Trains that are generally split into many categories, such as the B-Double, B-Triple, AB-Triple, BAB quad or the C-train.

What happened in this particular video involved the B-Double, which consists of a prime mover towing the lead trailer as well as another semi-trailer, with two articulation points in total. It is not one of the longest road trains you will see, but it still makes for the rather large sighting, especially if it’s bright yellow.

Despite the color, the driver of the Swift, the 76-year old woman, didn’t see the truck and drove right in its path.

As far as we can tell, this truck driver started to slow down a split second before the vehicle actually pulled out in front of him, which may have been the reason why the damage to the Suzuki wasn’t considerably higher.

In the end, according to the description of this video, the woman had to be airlifted to the hospital after suffering the fractured skull, broken right shoulder, ribs, and pelvis. Fortunately, she’s now recovering and we hope she’ll be back on her feet soon.

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