Hot Asian Lady Changing Tires At Tire Shop In Florida

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Our image of an employee in the mechanic shop is most probably the guy or girl ...

Our image of an employee in the mechanic shop is most probably the guy or girl wearing a set of gloves, coveralls and boots. However, in the video below we get something totally different and extraordinary.

This time, we can see the very peculiar gal who doesn’t seem to care much about practicality and convenience. She does her vehicle tire change duties wearing nothing more than a set of sandals and the dress!

Is this some obscure way to advertise the tire shop? Because it really looks like that. It looks like some entrepreneurs nowadays would do literally anything to promote their business. Whatever the case may be, she is doing her vehicle tire change duties perfectly.

This girl really knows her job. We can see her flawlessly working on that tire changing machine. Well, we really wish someone would give her the appropriate equipment.

For starters, the owner should give her the pair of boots so she doesn’t break her feet while working. So, what do you think about this odd scenario?

Would you hire the girl like that in your mechanic shop? However, when we put some thought into it, and maybe this mechanic shop is actually hers! That would be some twist, huh?

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.