Huge Difference Between Summer And Winter Tires Explained

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What is the difference between summer and winter tires? You have to know it and ...

What is the difference between summer and winter tires? You have to know it and Engineering Explained guy did explain in detail. The most important difference is the behavior of tires at different temperatures.

The difference is achieved through the use of different compounds tires are made off. In short, winter tires will remain more flexible at low temperatures, while summer tires achieve flexibility at high temperatures thus being stickier.

Now, as for the design of the tires, winter tires do have to tackle snow and dispense water much more than summer tires. Thus, the winter tires have much deeper treads for collecting snow.

So, winter tires are designed for searching every bit of traction on snow or ice, while remaining useful on the asphalt. On the other hand, the harshest terrain summer tire should ever tackle is a wet road. Nevertheless, the tire technology come a long way since the Eighties and Nineties.

Only due to tires, cars can perform better, are much safer and use less fuel with the top notch, high-end units. Regardless, all season tires can be a compromise in areas with mild changes between summer and winter, but for those who experience proper changes, the only proper way is to change tires when the law requires.

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