INSANE 1,000$ RACE: Custom 1970 Chevelle SS VS. Chevy Camaro!

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Yeah, nowadays a street racing is slowly dying and the reason is not that there ...

Yeah, nowadays a street racing is slowly dying and the reason is not that there aren’t vehicles out and enthusiastic drivers ready to give their best.

On contrary, as a technology moved forward and on the market are thousands of tuning parts for your vehicle that can pump it up to enormously 2000 horsepower. And who doesn’t want to try his beast against another?

The main reason is the police, imagine you have spent a little fortune to build your dream vehicle and the police took it from you, it’s like they took the part of you.

And there are still crazy guys out there with guts, yeah, and you’ll see on the video. Their names are Shaun and Matt. These guys race with the 1970 Chevelle SS and a fourth-generation Camaro, and yeah, old school race for 1000 bucks.

Well, there are no doubts that the cars are tuned to the teeth. Shaun’s Chevelle has LSX built and the D1 Procharger. Honestly, we don’t know the output but we doubt that it has less than 500 horsepower.

Matt’s Camaro has LS1 built, heads, cam, D1 Procharger, methanol injection and nitro. Well, who do you think is going to pay? Watch the video and find out.

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