Insane Crash Footage Captured By Drone – Mustang Takes Flight!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What a nasty crash this was! Chills were running down our spine just from watching ...

What a nasty crash this was! Chills were running down our spine just from watching it. Can’t imagine what it must have felt like for people on the scene. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending, as the driver was even able to walk away completely uninjured.

Still, let’s rewind and explain what exactly happened. Stevie Fast is a well-known racer, so it’s safe to say that the crash wasn’t caused by his lack of skills. Furthermore, if you are a drag racing enthusiast, you have probably recognized his beloved ride nicknamed “Shadow” which we have watched time and time again. Unfortunately, sometimes, things like this simply happen. After losing traction, the vehicle went into a spiral, and was even airborne for awhile there, almost running straight into the spotter! Luckily, no one was seriously injured, although it looked really bad at one point. Mustang even caught fire after the incident, and it was that exact spotter which was first to the scene with a fire extinguisher. What a brave individual!

As far as the ride goes, it is now completely ruined, as you might have guessed. Too bad this had to occur, as it was set for sale. Judging by the owner’s joke, it still is, only it now has a reduced price! It’s nice to see that he’s still in good spirits and hasn’t lost his sense of humor after this fiasco. Hopefully, we’ll spot it back on the track in no time.

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