Kid Excited To See A Nissan GT-R Wipes Out On A Bicycle

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Although many kids lust after the finest Italian supercars, and the much cheaper, ...

Although many kids lust after the finest Italian supercars, and the much cheaper, but equally fast, Nissan GT-R has been popular with the younger generation ever since its introduction.

Perhaps because Godzilla is essentially the Gran Turismo video game for the street or because it has amassed such the cult following, the GT-R can excite anyone. This young kid is no exception.

Captured by the GT-R dashcam, the footage below shows the little kid flying past the sport’s car on his bike screaming in excitement about seeing the Nissan GT-R in the flesh.

He can be heard exclaiming GT-R! OH MY GOD, HEY! as he rides past. And he even manages to fall off his bike trying to get this driver to stop.

Unfazed, he brushes himself off and asks for the photo of the car, clearly enthralled at the very sight of Godzilla. The kid didn’t even care that he just wrecked!

Pretty smooth wreck, though. Hey, even I get excited about seeing the GT-R on the street. Now this is what being the car enthusiast is all about!

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