Kid Pulls A MERCEDES G63 From The Ditch?

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In this video, this dad perfectly teaches his son in the gearhead way! Honing his ...

In this video, this dad perfectly teaches his son in the gearhead way! Honing his son’s enthusiasm and skill for the future gearhead endeavors!

He is truly the best gearhead dad ever! And his choice of vehicles is awesome as well. That G63 Mercedes Benz is one hell of the machine!

He drives the Mercedes G63 and has bought the same for his little son. An awesome idea indeed! Of course, it is the small scale toy car. But the very impressive scale toy car nevertheless!

His intention is to make his son believe that is able to pull out the SUV stuck next to the road. And according to the little kid’s reaction, we can say that his plan is successful! The son’s reaction is priceless!

On the other hand, apart from the plan, intentionally or not, this driver of the real SUV demonstrates the power of his vehicle!

We are pretty sure that is not all of what this kind of vehicle is capable of! The G63 Mercedes Benz is actually the massive off road vehicle with enormous capabilities!

It’s the vehicle that is not shy of anything! The G63 Mercedes Benz looks like the military vehicle but with luxury interior!

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