This Man’s Connection To His Alfa Romeo Montreal Is Just Sensational!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It’s the sexy curves and the groovy seventies interior of Alfa Romeo Montreal that made TJ Grewal instantly fell in love and not resist the temptation of owning it. But beyond just the appreciation towards aesthetics and good performance and his love of cars is a different kind of relationship that TJ has towards his Montreal and his one big hobby.

TJ’s appreciation towards Montreal’s aesthetics and unique design is perhaps deeper than most of the other car guys’ that also owned one. Even if he was yet to see an actual Montreal, he knew it would be a car he would like to have in his garage. Well, what he bought was even the first Montreal he saw.

The Alfa Romeo Montreal is just really beautiful though with its classic blue look and classy interior plus those headlight cover is something that can make a jaw drop.

How he dovetails this to his hobby in photography is even more amazing. Through photography,he wants his car to look a timeless hero.

Every time he explores and plays with the light, he starts to gain better understanding and characteristics of the car. Even the slightest detail or this uniqueness that seem not easily bared, he starts to see and appreciate them all through photography. He notices details that may seem nothing for someone as his connection towards his Montreal goes beyond just its statute or its speed.

Sensational relationship by an amazing car guy with a beautiful ride. Know his story more with this video shared below.

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