Meanwhile In Portland: Man Dresses Up Like A Tree To Block Traffic

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

From Harley Quinn to killer clowns, and expect to it all at this year’s Halloween party, but some people tend to step out of the usual boundaries, every once in a while, the story like this comes up.

It all began earlier this week when the Portland police responded to the call about the man obstructing traffic.

Nothing weird so far, but when the officers arrived at the area of Congress and the High streets on Monday afternoon, and they were surprised to see the felon sitting in the middle of a road…dressed up as the tree.

After finding the man’s arms in between the thick bushes, the policemen escorted him to a Cumberland County Jail, and where he refused to give his name. However, the long arm of the law found out that they are dealing with 30-year old Asher Woodworth, who gave the short and hollow explanation for his act, and saying that the simply wanted to impact people’s natural choreography.

Asher Woodworth described himself as impulsive and the interested in facilitating diverse experiences of being-in-the-world, according to his personal website, and quoted by BangorDailyNews, to which we give a tip of the hat for digging up this story.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.