Mental Breakdown: Man Turns VW Pickup Truck Into 179mph Dragster

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Oh my God! This is the ultimate beast of a truck we have ever seen before! That’s ...

Oh my God! This is the ultimate beast of a truck we have ever seen before! That’s it, this Volkswagen truck is the killer, yeah, the ultimate dragster murderer. And the printed name on the sides Mental-Breakdown is not incidentally, it is on purpose to scare the opponents and make them beg for mercy!

The aerodynamics is on the lowest level, huge back spoiler, and longer wheelbase and honestly, it looks like it escaped from some evil role from the cartoon.

Well, but don’t let the outlook confuse you, what you see in the middle is mighty V8 engine, monster sized 8.6-liter Keith Black Hemi! Can you guess the horsepower?

2,000 horsepower ladies and gentleman, nothing less, the power is transferred to the rear monster wheels, and when those evil tires will hit a ground the mental break down truck hit 170mph!

But this masterpiece of engineering is the result of 10 years hard work, by this you can guess that is not for sell!

Watch this video and see how fast this mental-breakdown truck can accelerate, it’s impressive in only 7 short seconds it hits 179mph! But you must watch it. I want that engine in my car!

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