MI Man Injured In Crazy Nissan Titan Crash Caught On Video

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Imagine you are driving on the highway and you witness the deadly Nissan Titan ...

Imagine you are driving on the highway and you witness the deadly Nissan Titan truck jump. Would you record it and put a video live on YouTube? We know that this is not the everyday situation but who knows if that poor driver survived.

A Nissan Titan driving with the trailer and loaded lawn tractor had an inglorious attempt on the highway for the ultimate truck jump. Maybe this driver was planning that or it was not planned at all and all he got at the end was empty air space. Believe us, not the good option for landing!

To commit that kind of the truck jump it demands a lot of practice and for sure not the trailer with lawn tractor as additional equipment!

We think that a Nissan Titan driver was speeding on the highway while trying to prove some Duramax or Powerstroke owner and that his Nissan with Cummins engine is superior compared to their Chevy or Ford trucks. He was doing quite well until the moment he lost a control and went over the highway fence.

Judging by the truck jump and how this truck flew in the air he was driving more than 60mph! We feel sorry for the people inside the cabin because they have must passed through hell while they were flying.

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