This Is How Not To Drive A Volkswagen Golf GTI

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It’s the perfectly horrible day in Toronto. The highway has all sorts of ...

It’s the perfectly horrible day in Toronto. The highway has all sorts of weird white cars, like the Ford Escape, a Nissan Leaf, and the BMW 3 Series GT. The only guy with the bright red car is behind the wheel of the Golf GTI.

He must be passionate about driving, and which makes him very good at it. Right? Wrong. Life might be too short to drive boring vehicles and all that, but buying the hot hatch doesn’t automatically make you the best wheelman on the road.

Take this Golf GTI driver, who can’t make up his mind about what lane he wants to use. I often like to imagine what I would do if I were behind the wheel in this crash video. If it’s Russian, the answer usually would be – buy a shotgun or stay home.

Oh look, there is that supposedly German hot hatch that’s made in Mexico. You can tell because it has a wrong kind of taillights.

Also, they just launched the new model in Europe with a lot more power. It’s the real bummer to live in Canada, I would say. Still, I wouldn’t mind the opportunity of GTI ownership.

And the question is: could I avoid the crash? Probably not because there is not enough time. That concrete barrier to the left looks all kinds of scary. And the least I could do is slam the brakes the little sooner… maybe.

Is this the lapse in judgment on the part of the GTI driver? I don’t think so. He clearly sees the vehicle he struck but thought he had enough time to get in front of it, which still implies that he intended to cut someone off.

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