Not So Easy To Drive Fast-Corvette ZR1 Almost Crashes Racing R35 GTR

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We have been together in many drag races, with muscle cars, custom build crazy ...

We have been together in many drag races, with muscle cars, custom build crazy machines, stock versions etc. and you’ll agree with us in one thing, each car has its own beauty packed with a performance, but good racing tires are the must-have!

Yeah, they are, because they need to keep the vehicle glued at the track, don’t allowing it to slide one inch. We all know why that’s important if on the very start it loses its control the opponent will eat it for the breakfast.

Even it is more dangerous if the car start sliding at 120 mph on the track, the driver’s life is in danger.
In our case, two super vehicles, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, tuned with 570 horsepower and Nissan GTR R35 with stock turbos and 585 hp are going to give their best on the track.

From the numbers you can see that it’s not the big difference in performance, so the battle is expected to be hot as hell.

But why Vette ZR1, why are you allowing the Nissan R35 GTR to swallow your pride when you are the equal opponent?

As we said, racing tires are the must. Watch the video below posted by YouTube channel That Racing Channel to see exactly what happened on the track.

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