OUCH!!! Small Plane Crashes On Emergency Landing

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Because there are no victims in this small plane crash we can view it and make ...

Because there are no victims in this small plane crash we can view it and make laugh out of it. There was no way that a pilot knew that this is going to happen before he took the airplane out on a runway.

Because this is the small plane it is pretty easy to fly with and not too much training is required in order to pilot it. And the funny thing here is that the plane’s engine just went dead.

That is the worst thing that can happen to the pilot who just wanted to have some fun and suddenly he experienced dangerous and yet funny plane crash.

This is the single propeller airplane and it cannot go at heights like the large planes but it goes up to the decent altitude and if this happened when he was up in a sky the consequences would have been much greater than this.

Now the plane is ruined and it cannot be fixed and made to fly again and the pilot had too much luck in this funny plane crash. If he was up there in the sky he would have fallen with the free fall down and the plane would have been shattered.

Before the take off the pilot was so secure of himself and in this plane too that he was happy to be up in the sky. He didn’t even dream about this happening to him. And it is good that he didn’t get injured during the short flight and the fall too.

It is luck too that he found the field where he could land his plane at, if he was somewhere in the woods hitting the tree would be the best option available to the pilot. Now he has to clean up after himself, there is the mess in the parts of the plane.

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