Is The Phenomenal Porsche 911R The Ultimate Driver’s Car?

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Joey Tribbiani finally got a chance to drive his Porsche! While Friends now belong ...

Joey Tribbiani finally got a chance to drive his Porsche! While Friends now belong in the history books, it seems that Matt LeBlanc is doing just fine. The actor-turned-car show host is now a part of the most famous automotive show in the world. Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true, as The Grand Tour fans will have something to say here, but that’s besides the point.

On this episode, Matt decided to take a ride in his favorite supercar, the Porsche 911R! With the production limited to only 991 units, that is a special honor. The throwback design, referencing to the 1967 model, was a fantastic idea, and we can honestly say that this ride is a true beauty. Still, Porsche is known for making vehicles that handle like a dream, and this 911R is no exception to the rule.

The lightweight body is stupendous, but the ridiculous, naturally aspirated four liter engine under the hood makes it all come together in one glorious package. Producing 500 horsepower, you wouldn’t exactly call it slow either. Although this isn’t the fastest Porsche around, it might be the most special one. How could anyone ask for more?

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