Porsche 718 RS 60 In 5 Minutes Of Just Pure Hill Climb Goodness

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Wanna be transported back to the nostalgic feeling of fast rides during the 1960s? ...

Wanna be transported back to the nostalgic feeling of fast rides during the 1960s? Here’s one video with no music and just pure engine sounds of a Porsche 718 RS 60 giving 5 minutes of pure hill climb bliss.

This isn’t anything about setting speed or track records as it’s all meant to let everyone know and appreciate how a mid-engined Porsche can take on a narrow and curvy road. If you’re curious how a classic Porsche looks and sounds from the driver’s seat, then this video is exactly for you.

Once heated up, Porsche starts to beg for a faster driving and seeing all those blind turns with it accelerating sure makes you flinch, yikes!

The Porsche is driven by Derek Bell and boy his driving skills is something to be really envious about especially with his age. Just makes you wanna think if your skills can also endure the test of time.

Shot at the beautiful island of Sicily, check this amazing 5 minutes that’ll surely be music to your ears.

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