Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport Kissing The Barrier On The Track

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Customer racing vehicles aren’t anything new, but this is the trend that has ...

Customer racing vehicles aren’t anything new, but this is the trend that has picked up tons of traction over the last five years or so.

Now with these machines showing up at the race track on the daily basis, we have plenty of new opportunities to bring you a performance driving lessons.

One of the easiest paths to such online tuition comes from the times when these racecars… crash. And quickly getting over this idea, we are here to show you the latest episode of the kind, which involves the brand spanking new Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport kissing the barrier on the side of the track.

This unfortunate event took place at The Thermal Club in California, with the driver being the friend of YouTube Salomondrin.

The GT4 Clubsport owner was on his second day with the GT4 Clubsport at the said track when the accident happened.

You will be able to see the guy losing the back end as he steps over the vibrator on the corner exit – so far, we are dealing with what can be considered the normal situation for a track day.

Alas, once the mid-engined Porscha got sideways, this driver overcorrected (you can’t see the steering wheel, and it’s not difficult to figure out his moves).

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