Race To Geneva In Jaguar F-Type SVR – Top Gear: Series 23 – BBC

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When Clarkson, May, and Hammond left Top Gear, the BBC were left with the dilemma ...

When Clarkson, May, and Hammond left Top Gear, the BBC were left with the dilemma for the show’s future direction. They had the opportunity to reinvent it, but instead they tried too hard to rekindle the original show’s winning formula.

But the problem was that the chemistry of the original trio could never be replicated, and no matter how hard the producers tried with the reboot’s overcrowded cast: it was painfully obvious that Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans didn’t get on, resulting in some very awkward scenes. And yet they were given the most limelight.

Remaining co-hosts Harris and Rory Reid were criminally underused by comparison: vehicle reviews by Harris were both informative and entertaining thanks to his infectious passion and driving skill, whereas Rory Reid brought some youthful energy into the show and, unlike Chris Evans, seemed comfortable on-screen.

One of Reid’s best films in the series was his segment on a savage Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible which, unlike many of the films in the series, felt like the classic race from the original show.

Rather than simply tear it round the racetrack, Reid re-enacted the E-Type Jaguar’s 750-mile journey to Geneva in 1961. It was the race against time to reveal the iconic car to the waiting press at the time, and making it with only ten minutes to spare.

Driving the then-new F-Type SVR Convertible, which was the spiritual successor to the E-Type, Rory Reid raced from the UK-based Coventry factory to Geneva to mark the 55th anniversary of the E-Type’s adventure.

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