Rider Has Close Call With An Exploding Truck Tire

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Trucks are dangerous vehicles to ride around. And they usually take a lot of space, weigh over 20 tons, have four times as many wheels as you have, increasing a chance of something going wrong with one of them. Like in the video below .

Yes, I’m talking about the tire explosion. Such a misfortunate event can happen at any moment and without notice as you will in this video. That’s one reason you should keep your distance from these road mastodons.

The guy in this video here was riding his bike on the highway behind the truck that was slowly crawling in the middle lane. And another rig came from the right and overtook both our subjects, rapidly followed by this biker who signaled and moved behind it.

And two seconds after that, one of the truck’s tires exploded and the big chunk of tread darted from underneath the truck’s rear skirt.

Fortunately, the rider acted quick enough to dodge the debris and safely went on, now having the great discussion subject for the next time he drinks the couple with his friends.

The whole scene is really butt-clenching, and I remember the Mythbuster episode when they showed how much force the truck tire generates when it explodes.

Basically, if you are right next to the tire and the large chunk flies towards you, your head might be gone.

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!