Stock `15 Cadillac CTS-V Vs Stock `15 Hellcat In A 1/2 Mile Drag

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For muscle car fans, this is the awesome time to have the driver’s license, ...

For muscle car fans, this is the awesome time to have the driver’s license, with the high-horsepower war being more vicious than ever. We are now here to bring you the latest fight in this war, one that involves eight doors.

We are dealing with two of the most infamous sedans you can currently find in the showroom, namely a 2016 Cadillac CTS-V and the 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat – thankfully for the emotional side of our brain, and this isn’t yet another drag racing video that sees the Tesla driver raising his hands while his Model S P100D delivers the 10s 1,320 feet run almost on its own.

This isn’t even the 1/4-mile run, with the two super-sedans engaging in the half-mile brawl instead. While we at it, we have to explain we are thrilled by the longer run, as plenty of quarter-mile fights leave us wondering what could have happened had the participants carried on accelerating.

If we go past the Hellcat’s headline-worthy power figure and focus on a big picture, these two four-doors are close in terms of on-paper racing. For instance, while a Mopar machine comes with the power-to-weight ratio of 3 kg per PS, the Caddy is just 0.1 kg behind.

To put things another way, the 707 hp Charger tips the scales at a meaty 4,575 lbs, while the 640 horsepower CTS-V weighs in at 4,134 lbs.

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