T1 GT-R Attacks The World Record On A Dragstrip!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

For some reason, GT-R is one of the most hated automobiles on the market. It’s a shame that’s the case, as this vehicle is a phenomenal racer. Well, you either love it or you hate it, right? What’s important is that GT-R fanbase is still alive and well, and the car you’re about to check out confirms that claim.

Nicknamed the “T1” it’s one of the fastest GT-Rs on the planet. Tony Palo built it with his team, and they were able to extract jaw-dropping 2400 horsepower out of this monster! Although these seasoned vets sure know what they’re doing, the competition nowadays is stiffer than ever. Current world record holder is the ETS which ran through a quarter mile in just 7.01 seconds! It seems that the T1 has an uphill battle ahead, but if anyone can do it, these men are the right choice for the job!

Still, although it has more than enough power on board, T1 isn’t yet the smoothest ride in the world. It has the potential, but will that be enough to dethrone the king? Watch it in action and find out.

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