Ten Incredible Cycling Movies You Should Watch Your Next Movie Night!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Les Triplettes De Belville (2003)

The Triplettes De Belville is a captivating animated comedy that tells the story of an elderly woman who goes on a quest to rescue her grandson who is a Champion, a Tour de France cyclist.

Unfortunately, we has kidnapped by the French mafia for gambling purposes and taken to the city of Belleville. The elderly woman is accompanied by many loyal companions who are also dedicated to helping her find her grandson and together.

The animated film takes the viewer through a wild journey that is uniquely animated and uses very little dialogue throughout the film.However,  Les Triplettes De Belville does use music and pantomiming to get the theme across and it is brilliantly done.

The film was praised by critics and was nominated for several awards. If you are looking for a fun animation that is different than anyother you have watched before than Les Triplettes De Belville is definitely the movie you will want to check out!

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