Ten Incredible Cycling Movies You Should Watch Your Next Movie Night!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Hollentour [Hell on Wheels] (2004)

Hollentour is a German Film that gives a record of the 2003 Tour De France. Translated to Hell On Wheels, the movie offers an inside look into the grueling conditions that each rider had to participate in.  The story gives the audience a perspective from the riders involved ans offers intriguing insight into the worlds most popular bicycle race.

The film explores the effects of suffering and loss on those who devote their entire existence to winning the Tour De France. It always the viewers to see the riders as not just sports men and women, but more as people with hopes, desires and harsh let downs, which is not something people are exposed to often.

For the individuals who dream of being the first to cross the finish line in the Tour De France, the endless hours of physical and mental preparation can either make or break them when the starting horn sounds and the true race begins. Director PEpe Danquart did a magnificent job at portraying the perspective of the rider.

If you are into documentaries this is one that is sure to really touch you. It is isnpiring to hear the stories of the riders participating  int he race and really proves to inspiration for anyone finding it hard to persevere through the uphill climb of achieving their dreams!

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