Ten Incredible Cycling Movies You Should Watch Your Next Movie Night!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The Flying Scotsman (2006)

The Flying Scotsman is an inspiring film about the Scottish amateur cyclist Graeme Obree. Obree stuggles with bipolar disorder and uses cycling as a way to cope with his mental illness.

He often competes in local races, but one day he decides to push himself even further and decides to try and beat the hour record. He has neither the funding nor the quality of bicycle required.

However, the film follows Obree through his determination to conquer the record and succeed in his goal.  Amazingly, he constructs a bike made up from scrap metal and components from a washing machine that he calls “Old Faithful”.

Obree’s undying dedication to breaking the record makes for an incredible story of perseverance, strength and dedication. It is a perfect display of the dedication each cyclist has when competing.

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