Ten Incredible Cycling Movies You Should Watch Your Next Movie Night!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Rad is an epic film based centerally around BMX racing. The film’s story focuses onĀ  a teenage racer named Cru Jones who is faced with a tough decision when one of his races falls on the same day as his SAT’s Unfortunately for him, winning Helltrack means $100 grand, a new Chevrolet Corvette, and fame, but not taking his SAT’s assure he will not get into college!

Against his mothers advice he decides to participate in the race and preps for the wild BMX race. However, The president of The Federation of American Bicyclists and owner of Mongoose bicycles, Duke Best does everything he can to make sure Cru cannot participate because he wants to ensure BMX Star Bart Taylor wins.

After being blocked from the race due to a last minute rule change on participant sponsorship, Cru is ready to give up his dreams of winning Helltrack. Fortunately, his sister and friends keep him inspired and come up with an idea for him to still enter the race using the $10,000 Cru won from qualifying.

The intense race ends in a showdown agaisnt Bart and Cru that offers incredible action and hair raising suspense. Rad is an incredible story of perseverence and how passion can change someones life for the better! IF you want an epic cycling film to decompress with Rad is a great movie to sit down and watch!

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