Ten Interesting Ways Autonomous Cars That Will Change The Automotive World Forever!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Autonomous cars are on the rise and although they are not currently at their peak safety,  it is foreseen that they will be the future of the automotive industry. It is difficult to imagine a world where no one drives their own car, but as technology becomes more and more advanced, society seems to becoming more trusting of robotics. These are ten interesting ways autonomous cars would change not only the automotive world, but society as a whole.


Safety on the Road

Accidents are the main worry of nearly every driver on the road. You can never trust what the driver next to you is going to do next, but many believe that fear will be reduced once autonomous cars take over the roads. Accidents are a direct result of human error and since the cars are being specifically built to detect any danger on the road it is expected that the number of accidents would plummet. Google’s self-driving car has already logged more than 700,000 successful miles with only one minor fender bender that was caused by a person not the car itself. It is obvious these cars are on the path to making the road a safer place and that is something everyone can agree is a good thing.

Fewer Restrictions For Younger Drivers

Most teenagers yearn for the day they can get behind the wheel, but many restrictions have been placed on these new drivers due to their inexperience on the open road. More accidents happen among the age bracket of 12-19 compared to any other group and it is often due to their lack of responsibility both on and off the road. With the rise of autonomous cars more teens will be able to operate vehicles without the worry of making a major mistake on the road! Some people predict that autonomous cars would throw out the need for drivers licenses entirely. Although that may be a slightly extreme prediction, we can certainly expect some kind of major shift in the expectations for our drivers.

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