Ten Of The Most Ruthless Daredevil Stunt Men/Women To Hit The Scene!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Jeb Corliss

Jeb Corliss is certainly one of the biggest daredevils on earth.  He is a massive adrenaline enthusiast who worked hard to become one of the worlds best known BASE jumper and skydiver.  Corliss has gained a reputation for his death defying leaps from famous world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Seattle Space Needle, and the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.

Jeb Corliss is an incredibly dedicated stuntman who has trespassed, broken the law and put himself in grave danger all for the sake of adrenaline. In fact, Corliss was briefly the host of an extreme sports TV show called Stunt Junkies, but was fired in 2006 after he was arrested during an unsuccessful attempt to BASE jump from the Empire State Building.

Onlookers and Security feared for Jeb’s life and thought they were doing the best for him by not allowing the stunt to take place. However, Corliss had put years of planning into the jump, and has claimed it was the guards concern that had ultimately endangered his life by trying to pull him off the wall.

Despite that hiccup in Jeb Corliss’ career he has still managed to pull off some of the most incredible stunts t o have ever been documented. There are few other stuntmen who like to push the limits as much as him and although it may freak us all out; there is nothing in the world Jeb Corliss would rather be doing!

Larry Walters

Larry Walters was a truck driver by trade, but a genius inventor and engineer in his spare time.  Throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s Walters had been concocting a homemade flying machine in his hometown of San Pedro, California.  In 1982 he officially took flight with the machine and made history doing so.

The aircraft, called Inspiration I, consisted of an ordinary lawn chair that he had rigged with 45 helium weather balloons. Walters had predicted that he could reach approximately 100 or so feet into the air. He even carried a pellet gun with him on the flight, and intended to eventually shoot out some of the balloons and make a graceful descent back to earth.

However, the flight definitely did not go as expected and Walters and his lawn chair immediately climbed to an altitude of nearly 15,000 feet! He has allowed himself to rise into the air for about 45 minutes before eventually shooting the balloons like he had originally planned.

Unfortunately, the flight down also came with it’s fair share of mishaps. Not only did the aircraft cause a major power outage throughout the San Pedro city, but Walters had also reached what is considered the “federal airspace”  during his flight and was ultimately arrested upon landing. When asked why he had done it, Walters simply replied, “a man just can’t sit around.”

Eddie Kidd

Eddie Kidd is one of the best known movie stuntmen and daredevils to have ever graced the entertainment industry. Performing over 3,000 death defying motorcycle stunts, Kidd was THE stuntman back in the day.

One of the most famous movie stunts that Kidd performed throughout his career was the 120 foot jump over a railway for the movie Hanover Street. However, that it just one of the many incredible stunts that he performed throughout his career!

However, Eddie Kidd did not only wow people with his movie stunts he also performed a slew of epic stunts outside of the silver screen.  Kidd once jumped over the Great Wall of China on a bike, and in another famed stunt, he jumped 80 feet over a gap in a 50-foot high viaduct.

Unfortunately, Kidd’s stunt career took a tragic turn in 1996 when he suffered a devastating crash during a jump at a motorcycle rally in England. He spent six weeks in a coma after the crash and eventually made solid recovery performing once again in the UK in June of 2007!