Tesla Model X Doors Are Getting Faster And It Looks Magnificent

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Falcon doors made a whole lot of problems for Tesla Motors. The company was late ...

Falcon doors made a whole lot of problems for Tesla Motors. The company was late to release the car because of them and soon after the first cars hit the streets, it was found that the doors are not working as they should. Now, the Tesla Motors may be on the verge of making them better than ever. At least for the newest models produced. As for the ones from before, they did a few software mods that made the doors far more usable.

Here is the latest over-the-air software update which made the Falcon doors even more likable. Now, they open and close faster and the video you are seeing here shows that in great detail. Software update v8.0 reduced the opening and closing time by 22 and 26 percent consecutively .

Interestingly enough, this video comes from Norway where Tesla cars are best sellers. We are not even joking. Last month, the Tesla Model X sales surpassed the sales of the Tesla Model S which is quite astonishing considering that the Model X is quite pricey.

V8.0 update also brings Autopilot updates. The system uses front radar and camera a lot more than before thus increasing safety and precision of the system.

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