Top 10 Modern Cars That Are In Desperate Need Of A Redesign

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The automotive market is highly unpredictable. Just because a certain vehicle is ...

The automotive market is highly unpredictable. Just because a certain vehicle is considered cool one year, it doesn’t mean that people will love it the very next. Because of this, manufacturers keep coming up with new ideas all the time in order to keep things fresh and interesting. One of the best ways to make a certain brand relevant again is to completely redesign it.

That is what Nathan and Roman from Youtube Channel The Fast Lane Car will talk about today. To be more precise, they will focus their attention on cars that have overstayed their welcome and are in desperate need of a redesign. Furthermore, just to clarify, this doesn’t mean that cars in question are bad looking. Far from it, as some of them are frankly pretty gorgeous. Still, it’s a fact that people want to see something new, and they want to see it now!

We won’t go into details and specify which exact rides have found their way onto this list, but we will mention that they really have a couple of valid points, while we do not necessarily agree with some of their choices. To find out what we are on about, click on the video below and enjoy the show!

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