Top Gear’s Extended Cut Of Ken Block London Hoon Is Incredible Footage

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We link Ken Block with all sorts of driving shenanigans, but the Gymkhana series ...

We link Ken Block with all sorts of driving shenanigans, but the Gymkhana series is definitely one of his most praised works. Well, the man did a bit time with Top Gear last year too and results were simply astonishing.

Top Gear did show one segment of his London drifting insanities in one of its programs, but now, we finally have an extended cut of all his driving stunts he made while filming for Top Gear and boy did they make it look good.

The car he used is a custom built Mustang with 800+hp and exceptional bespoke all-wheel drive system. He used it before making the Gymkhana on the West Coast. Now, however, Ken Block and his Hoonicorn RTR went all mad in Britain.

What we have here is the ultimate representation of a young man’s dream coming true. Now, the car you see here actually was additionally upgraded. The team made it much more powerful. Apparently, it develops 1400hp at this point in time giving anyone a run for its money. With so much power even drifting championship isn’t far away from its grasp.

When they shot the film, they did get in trouble. Apparently, police had to intervene and stop them making burnouts and everything at a couple of locations in London.

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