Video Of The Day: The Grand Tour: 3 Days To Go

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In between the 2016 LA Auto Show and The Grand Tour and airing their first episode on Friday, this is one busy week for petrol heads.

The most awaited car show of the year sees the former Top Gear trio of presenters reunited under a Amazon logo, with the huge budget that took them on epic adventures through no less than 44 countries, for a first season alone.

Additionally, the entire team apparently drank 14,951 cups of coffee, and while covering almost 1.5 billion miles (2.3 billion km), and destroying 27 vehicles.

They are also responsible for 59 drag races and the 42 handbrake turns, and now, with just two-days left until one of a most Googled searches will be The Grand Tour Episode 1, another teaser continues the mathematical pattern, set by Richard Hammond, this time.

The Hamster apparently used 395 gallons of petrol for 467 donuts, was behind 4 fires. The last part could have made Jeremy Clarkson jealous, though, and there is still enough time to catch the glimpse of his latest work too.

I think 2 days is for Jeremy Clarkson. But one day ? Is that for the introduction of the new tame racing driver ? Is he being hatched or printed ?

Whoa.. that was a crazy video. Now check out this next one!