Video Of The Day: Tesla P100D $2800 Cash Days Drag Race

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Owning the Tesla Model S P100D and not taking it drag racing – particularly ...

Owning the Tesla Model S P100D and not taking it drag racing – particularly on the eight-of-a-mile track like in this case – is pretty silly, as it can earn you some pretty easy victories against tons of sports vehicles.

Given how easy it finds it to accelerate off a mark unless it meets some very serious competition, the Tesla S P100D will hit 60 miles per hour before any other car out there, and on the short track, that’s what counts the most.

Its all-wheel-drive, that software making sure the power gets to the wheels with mostly zero amounts of spin, have made the P100D the pretty successful drag racer.

Against all the odds, we might add, since we are talking about the family sedan that also comes with electric propulsion.

That last bit at the end would have been enough to raise the hysterical laughter among these amateur racers a few years back, but things have changed now.

The sight of the Tesla on the lane next to you is under no circumstances the cause for joy. The EV has quickly built the name for itself and now gets all the respect it deserves. The driver? Well, not so much, considering all they have to do is react quickly to the start signal, then hold the car in the straight line.

The others have to manage grip, traction, some of them might even have to deal with changing gears. Why don’t they buy the Tesla Model S P100D then? Well, because they enjoy what they are doing, even if it means losing to the fancy EV every now and then.

But this wasn’t one of those cases. The P100D entered the drag race competition where each of the 14 participants had to chip in with $200 for the $2,800 prize that would only go to the winner.

Given the surface was far from clean – generating tons of wheel spin – a Tesla felt pretty confident, it wasn’t to be. Its first and last direct competitor is the Chevrolet LUV pickup truck with enough modifications to give it more than just the fighting chance.

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